Call for clearer Energy Tariffs for Business

Call for clearer Energy Tariffs for Business

The Federation of Small Business has called for energy companies to provide better information for small businesses. 

Last year the Government to forced the big utility companies to make their energy tariffs more transparent for householders. Now the Federation of Small Business  (FSB) wants the same rules to apply to businesses.

FSB Chairman John Allen said the energy market for small businesses was in urgent need of reform.  He said: ‘The business energy market is also in desperate need of reform. We want to see radical measures put in place to increase transparency in the market and allow small firms to switch to more competitive energy deals with ease. ‘

John Allan said energy was the main cause of raising business costs for FSB members.  He said that unlike households, small firms could not access published prices, making it almost impossible to work out their future overheads.

He said that it was frustrating that small firms had to go through an arduous annual process of contacting energy suppliers in order to get a better deal on their bills.

Last autumn FSB research showed that fuel costs were the biggest barrier to growth for one fifth of small businesses. 

The FSB is the UK's leading business organisation with around 200,000 members.