New guide for managing visitor safety in historic buildings

New guide for managing visitor safety in historic buildings

The Visitor Safety in the Countryside Group (VSCG) has published a new guide on visitor safety designed for people managing historic properties.

VSCG is a membership organisation for organisations or individuals with visitor risk management responsibilities in the countryside or historic built environment. Its members include a many large charities, including the National Trust, the Canal and River Trust, the Woodland Trust, the RNLI and the RSPB. Members have long experience of managing heritage properties which receive millions of visitors each year.

The new publication includes case studies and diagrams, as well as guiding principles to help managers make decisions when balancing risk with benefits. It includes chapters on:

  • the role of information & education in risk control
  • incident reporting & investigation
  • emergency planning & procedures
  • the law & visitor safety.

The 96-page publication has been endorsed by the Health and Safety Executive. It is priced at £15.00 plus postage and packing.

Details about how to order the guide are available on the VSCG website.