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This page brings together the latest news and blogs for charity facilities managers.

New Body to review High Streets - debate on Charity Shops Continues

A new body, the Future High Streets Forum, this week started work on finding ways to revitalise local shopping streets.   Britain's high streets are in trouble, and charity shops are becoming part of the debate about how to address the problems.

Diary Dates: CFM Spring Meeting, Facilities Show and ThinkFM Conference

Some diary dates for facilities managers:

The Charity Facilities Management spring meeting will be on May 22nd in London.

Construction Site Safety - Still a Problem!

Nearly one in five construction sites visited across Britain in the last month failed safety checks and were subject to enforcement action.

In a month long initiative, inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) visited a total of 2,363 sites where refurbishment or repair work was taking place.

Ofgem warns of 'rogue' Energy Brokers

The energy regulator Ofgem wants the power to protect businesses from what it calls “rogue brokers” - energy brokers that mis-sell energy deals.

Ofgem says it has found that between 14% and 17% of businesses which had used brokers were not satisfied with them.  The regulator was concerned about cold calling, high-pressure sales tactics and unprofessional behaviour from brokers.

How much should charity facilities managers be budgeting for energy costs in the coming year?

Trying to guess the extent of likely price rises is a difficult task. Energy costs and price rises, have been constantly in the news, but trying to establish a figure to put in your budget is not easy.

Government to cut back on Red Tape for Community Entertainment

The government has announced plans to exempt community venues from licensing restrictions. In future, community centres, schools, village halls and hospitals will be free to put on cultural events like dance displays and concerts without having to apply to the local council for a licence.

The new measures will be put to Parliament in the next few weeks, with the aim of bringing the measures into effect in England and Wales by April 2013.

Land-line Telephones could be Obsolete within Five Years

Landline telephones could be obsolete within five years, a new survey shows. The survey questioned 500 Chief Information Officers about the future of office technology. 65 per cent believed that landline telephones would disappear from everyday use within five years.

Innundated Properties were built on Flood Plain

The Denbighshire Housing Estate that was inundated in November''s floods was built on a flood plain. The Glasdir estate in Ruthin is still being built, but last week residents found their houses under up to three feet of water. It has emerged that the area was badly flooded as recently as 2000.

Now questions are being asked about why the Welsh Government sold the land as "prime development land" just seven years ago -- and why the local council gave planning permission.