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Charity Commission warns about mandate fraud

The Charity Commission has warned charities about the risks of “mandate fraud” - when fraudsters impersonate a genuine supplier to gain money.

Updated guidance on independent schools and public beneft

The Charity Commission has updated its guidance on how fee-charging educational charities, including charitable independent schools, can demonstrate how they run their charities for the public benefit.

The Commission has always suggested that sharing facilities such as sports fields or theatres is one way for charitable independent schools to fulfil their public benefit duty, by making provision for the poor to benefit.

Lyme Regis Museum gets nearly £800,000 HLF funding

Lyme Regis Musuem is a small local museum run almost entirely by volunteers. The museum is housed in a listed building, there is no lift, and visitors have to use public toilets across the road.

Now the museum has gained  a confirmed grant of £798,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The cash will go towards building a new wing which will feature a new fossil gallery and learning spaces. The project will also provide a lift and visitor toilets. 

Farrer’s briefing on licences vs. leases

Charities which own property which they allow others to occupy need to be very clear about the terms of that occupation. There are crucial distinctions between granting occupation under a license, and granting a lease which infers a range of attributable rights. 

Government to give £1m to arts centre hit by fire during refurb

The government has announced that it is giving Battersea Arts Centre £1million to help the Centre recover form a major fire and continue with planned redevelopment work.

On March 13th a fire at the Centre caused significant damage to the roof and two large formal halls in the building.  Some 80 firefireghters were called out to deal with the blaze. Nobody was injured.

Government's New Solar Strategy targets Commercial and Community Roofs

Energy Minister Greg Barker has announced plans to turn public buildings, schools, factories, and community buildings into "solar hubs".

The Minister was launching the Governments new strategy document on solar energy.  This includes a range of proposals which could make it easier for charities to install solar pv on their buildings.   

New global measurement standard for office buildings

A new standard that will bring transparency and consistency to global real estate markets has been launched. 

The International Property Measurement Standard for Offices (IPMS for Office Buildings) is the result of a global effort to create a uniform method for measuring property. It is set to replace dozens of existing standards currently in use around the world.

New regulations on storing petrol

A new law on storing petrol came into force at the beginning of October 2014.

Charities may well store petrol for mowers, vans or buses. It is easy to overlook a petrol can in a corner of a shed. But the HSE warns that petrol is highly flammable and can give off vapour which can easily be set on fire. This means there is always a risk of a fire and/or an explosion if there is any source of ignition nearby.

The new Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 (PCR) apply to: