NUS to Rent Light Bulbs

NUS to Rent Light Bulbs

The National Union of Students’ (NUS) has decided to rent, not buy, the light bulbs for its new offices at Macadam House in London.  

Rather than buying the bulbs and then paying for the electricity, the NUS renting the whole package from technology giant Philips. The NUS will pay a flat rate for the energy they use and Philips will take care of the bulbs.

The NUS says the deal gives Philips the incentive to keep Macadam House fitted with the most efficient lighting technology.  All the lights are LEDs, with combined daylight and motion sensors, and a central management system to change sensor and dimming settings. 

The deal, which the NUS says is a world-first, is part of a wide range of measures introduced to make the building environmentally sustainable.  Other elements include a ground-source heat pump, solar pv, solar hot water and instant water fitted on hard-wired timers, removing the requirement for kettles.

Among many other features, the building also has a kestrel box, swift double-box, house sparrow terrace, starling box, bat roost boxes, solitary insect nesting aid (clay and reed), wildlife butterfly and insect hibernation box and an underground bumblebee box.