Contractors on your site: managing contractor induction

Contractors on your site: managing contractor induction

When you bring contractors onto your site, it is important that you ensure that they have a clear understanding of safety and security procedures. This is generally established via the contractor induction. 

Contractor induction materials can be in the form of a simple printed sheet, a presentation, on line or offline or a video.  

Ideally, a member of your organisation’s staff should talk through the  induction with the contractor.  At the end of this, it is usual to ask them to sign and date a document to say they have read and understood the rules.  Be aware that not all contractors and sub-contractors may be able to read English. 

This page sets out some of the items that you may wish to cover in your contractor induction. Links to examples of contractor induction documents are at the bottom of this page.

Contractor induction - key points to cover

About the site

- key information about the size and layout of the site

- location and/or addresses of important buildings

- a map of the site

- location of toilets

- location of first aid


Emergency contacts

- fm contact telephone numbers

- back-up telephone numbers, including out of hours services

- general switchboard number

- nearest hospital A&E department


Access information

- where should they arrive on site

- what are the site operating hours

- what are the out-of-hours arrangements

- where should delivery vans unload

- parking information


Fire safety

- information on fire alarm tests

- fire alarm instructions

- fire marshal information

- location of assembly points

- basic fire safety instructions


Site Security

- contact details for security team on site

- location of security desk

- discussion of responsibility for contractors’ tools and materials

- instructions regarding presentation and visibility of ID cards

- instructions about ensuring the site is secure

- warning against giving access to unidentified individuals

- procedures for getting doors opened for deliveries or works


- procedures for bringing sub-contractors on site

Accident emergency procedures

- your organisational requirements

Site safety

- a clear statement of your commitment to operating a safe site

- general guidelines on site safety - see the note below

Works guidelines

Note: detailed requirements relating to permits to work , risk assessments and managing site safety should form part of the formal contract which you have agreed with contractors. These requirements are outside the scope of these general guidelines.


HSE Guidance (pdf file) on delivering contractor induction for smaller sites

Keele University - uses a video

Unversity of Northumbria (pdf file) 

West Suffolk NHS (pdf file, 12 pages)